Neighborhood Revitalization

Ujamaa Economic Development Corporation was formed to foster the development of the Cultural Innovation District (CID) and the improvement of the Claiborne Corridor and adjacent neighborhoods through a comprehensive process of development, redevelopment and revitalization that seeks to protect, enhance and promote equitable and sustainable residential and commercial development and preserve the cultural heritage of the community.  It is Ujamaa’s mission to build the cooperative, collaborative and institutional capacity of stakeholders of the CID, the Claiborne Corridor and the adjacent neighborhoods to promote equitable economic opportunity, cultural preservation, indigenous ownership, community-serving economic development, sustainable community benefit and self-governance.  We work to facilitate community engagement and encourage informed input on issues affecting the quality of life for residents and stakeholders of the CID, the Claiborne Corridor and the adjacent neighborhoods.

BuildCLAIBORNE / LiveCLAIBORNE / The One Table

BuildCLAIBORNE is a comprehensive training and capacity building program to help current property owners, business owners, and emerging developers to revitalize residential and commercial properties in the Claiborne Corridor. It is designed to better ensure that the Corridor is redeveloped by, for and with the residents of the community.

BuildCLAIBORNE promotes asset development and wealth creation for the Claiborne Corridor’s socially and economically disadvantaged residents and businesses.

LiveCLAIBORNE leverages the City’s housing affordability plan, Housing for a Resilient New Orleans with The Network’s housing development partners to increase the supply of affordable housing in the Claiborne Corridor while creating jobs and contracting opportunities for small businesses.

These efforts aim to help existing low income homeowners and rental property owners repair their aging homes and incorporate state of the art health and resilience features for improved indoor air quality, stormwater management, reduced utility costs and better economic stability.

The One Table is a coordinated funding mechanism designed to enhance the ability to attract and deploy capital effectively and efficiently in New Orleans’ urban core. With funding from public and private sector investors, the One Table initiative is committed to meeting the goals of:

  • Expanding opportunities for low- and middle-class families
  • Revitalizing underserved communities
  • Real estate development with long-term community benefit
  • Putting vacant properties back into commerce
  • Educating and sharing information
  • Reducing development costs
  • Preserving place, culture and people

The One Table is a tool to advance Build CLAIBORNE and Live CLAIBORNE.

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