Cultural Innovation District Master Plan

The genesis of the Cultural Innovation District (CID) began as a way to recover from a planning decision that has negatively impacted the Treme for generations.  A predominately African-American community with thriving businesses and beautiful homes, once considered “Black Main Street”, experienced a sharp economic decline when Interstate 10 above Claiborne Avenue was erected.  Beautiful, sprawling oak trees along the promenade were torn down, and with them came the demise of over 200 African-American businesses. The CID hopes to return the vibrancy of that “Black Main Street” era as part of a larger plan that will foster inclusive, sustainable development along the Claiborne Corridor.

Cultural Innovation District Community Vision Statement

We, the residents of the Claiborne neighborhoods, are at the heart of the future Claiborne Avenue corridor. In that future, we celebrate our culture and family traditions where our historic neighborhoods are safe and affordable for all who want to live here.

Our neighborhood streets, community parks, and the Lafitte Greenway fill with family gatherings and the music and parades of second line and Mardi Gras Indian traditions.

Claiborne, St. Bernard, Esplanade Avenues, Broad and Canal Streets, and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard thrive with locally owned businesses, affordable goods and services for daily living, reliable employment for residents, and positive learning experiences for neighborhood youth.

Quality public transit is convenient, reliable, clean, and affordable with a broad reach to jobs and neighborhoods city-wide. Traffic even on business streets yields to bicyclists, crossing pedestrians, and the festivities that sometimes spill out from local cross streets.

The Medical District provides affordable healthcare and living-wage jobs. New industries in the city attract workers who support Claiborne Corridor businesses and respect and appreciate what we value in our communities.

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